• The Trillium List is a list of English and French language resources and textbooks approved by the Ontario Ministry of Education for use in Ontario classrooms.
  • The Ontario Ministry of Education’s definition of a textbook includes non-print-format resources too, such as online resources, software, DVDs & CD-ROMs


  • Under the Ontario Education Act, teachers and principals must ensure that Trillium approved textbooks are used in their classrooms
  • This ensures that there is consistent and up-to-date content in school courses
  • Resources on the Trillium List contain 85% of the knowledge and skills that students are expected to learn.
  • Resources are checked by experts to ensure they meet Ontario Ministry of Education standards in such areas as content, accuracy, bias, language level and durability
  • Evaluation and approval of resources are ongoing, and the database is regularly updated as approvals are given

Trillium list website here

Here is an Oise tutorial about how to how check resources on the list:



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